Diopsys® NOVA™ & Diopsys® ARGOS™

ERG and VEP Vision Testing Systems

Diopsys is the leader in providing ophthalmologists and optometrists with objective, functional information about the vision system to aid in the early detection of vision disorders and patient management through ERG and VEP vision testing. Eye care providers can perform these objective, functional tests using the Diopsys® NOVA™ cart system, or the Diopsys® ARGOS™ tabletop system.

Now perform multiple visual electrophysiology tests right in your office.

Diopsys Nova

Diopsys® ERG

The leader in the field of electrophysiology, offering objective functional testing in less than one minute per eye. The Diopsys NOVA-ERG Vision Testing System is an office-based pattern electroretinography (ERG) module and is part of the highly respected Diopsys NOVA suite of tests. Its state-of-the-art pattern electroretinography can help clinicians gain useful objective information about functional aspects of ganglion and photoreceptor cells.

• Contrast Sensitivity
• Concentric Stimulus Fields

Nova ERG Report

Diopsys® VEP

The Diopsys NOVA-VEP Vision Testing System uses a technology called Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) to objectively measure the functional responses of the entire visual pathway from the anterior segment of the eye to the visual cortex. The VEP test results provide sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing visual pathway disorders when used in conjunction with other diagnostic tests.

• Multi-Contrast (LX)
• User-Defined

Nova VEP Report

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