David Keith provides the latest in Ophthalmic technology and the best equipment in Florida
Because the eyes are the window to more than the soul…
David Keith Ophthalmic
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David Keith Ophthalmic
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David Keith – When it comes to eye care, you need a visionary.

David is well known in Florida for his wide-ranging experience in ophthalmic technology products. His range of diagnostic equipment, lasers, therapeutic products and emerging technologies were each selected to provide solutions for a need in your practice. We now have the new multi-modality Ellex YAG laser recently approved for treatment of eye floaters (vitreous strands and opacities.)

David is a first class trainer of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and eye care technicians. His relationships with his vendors and after sales service are the best you will find in Florida. David can help you find the technology that will improve your practice efficiency and open new channels of revenue. Give David a call today.

Why Deal With David?

You get new technology that improves patient flow

You can benefit from new sources of practice revenue

You maximize your tax benefits by investing in new technology

You benefit from practice efficiency and better patient flow

You get follow-up care that is second to none

David is there when you need him

David Keith Ophthalmic
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