The all-in-one platform that improves the way you plan cataract surgeries.


Fast Facts:
With more patients demanding spectacle independence after cataract surgery, the Lenstar 900 APS biometer is your go-to tool to help them achieve this goal.

  • Use HAAG-STREIT’s proprietary Hill-RBF database to compare measurements to a database of real patient information.
  • Increase speed and efficiency with access to complete eye data in a single click.
  • Enjoy the ability to precisely assess the axis and astigmatism for stronger toric IOL results.
  • Access to popularly used IOL prediction methods to select the optimal lens.
Lenstar 900 APS

Enhance your measurement capabilities. The Lenstar 900 APS is all you need for faster, more efficient cataract measurements.

  • Provides all the measurements necessary to take full advantage of the latest IOL prediction methods.
  • Access to full eye data in a single click.
  • Easier mechanical tracking minimizes user delay and error.
  • Quicker measurement for improved tear-film stability.
  • Improves the repeatability of measurements.
  • Supports T-Cone measurements through the latest EyeSuite software.
Lenstar 900 APS
HILL-RBF Calculator


The Hill-RBF Calculator represents a new approach in IOL calculation, based on pattern recognition, data interpolation and a validating boundary model, for improved accuracy and confidence with IOL power prediction.

HILL-RBF Calculator
Lenstar 900 APS Laser Optics

An excellent choice for accurate IOL calculations for every patient

The Lenstar 900 APS provides highly accurate laser optic measurements for every section of the eye −from the cornea to the retina− and is the first optical biometer on the market that can measure the thickness of the crystalline lens. With its integrated Hill-RBF Method, Barrett and Olsen formula and the optional Toric Planner featuring the Barrett Toric Calculator, Lenstar 900 APS provides the user with latest technology in IOL prediction for any patient.

Lenstar 900 APS Laser Optics
Advanced IOL planning


  • Improved refractive outcomes with any patient
  • Predictable outcomes
  • Master post refractive cases
  • Match the axis

Lenstar features dual-zone keratometry or T-Cone topography for
precise astigmatism and axis measurement

Lenstar features dual-zone keratometry or T-Cone topography for precise astigmatism and axis measurement

  • Best Toric Results
    • Lenstar features dual-zone keratometry or T-Cone topography for precise astigmatism and axis measurement.
  • Improved outcomes with dual zone keratometry
    • Measurement equivalent to the “Gold Standard”
    • Spaced 32 measurement point pattern improves precision
  • Topography for torics – match the axis
    • With the optional T-Cone toric platform, the axis and astigmatism measurement of Lenstar is extended with true 11-ring Placido topography. This additional data improves the efficacy and safety of toric IOL surgery, eliminating the risk of irregularities and allowing the user to double check the axis location.

Dr. Terry

"We utilize the Konan specular microscope after all of our DSAEK surgery. The information that the specular microscope provides is valuable for assessing the long term effects of the surgical trauma of the procedure, and specular microscopy is critical to understanding your personal outcomes with DSAEK." - Dr. Terry

Dr. Coble

"The Konan Specular Microscope is very tech friendly. It is easy to use and the information is outstanding. Managing corneal dystrophies and predicting outcomes, such as when to perform a DSEK procedure, has been very advantageous in the care of my patients. The ability to explain subtle visual acuity decrease has helped reduce patient anxiety. The Specular Microscope is well worth the money." - Dr. Coble

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