Deciding when it’s the right time to invest in a new device for your practice — and what that new technology will be — is a difficult process.  Rest assured, I don’t sell equipment if it doesn’t meet my high standards quality and efficiency, and I won’t recommend technology to my customers unless I feel strongly about its potential to help them advance their practices and meet their objectives.

Ophthalmic Case Studies

To help illustrate the practical benefits some the devices I sell, I’ve compiled a selection case studies that have been developed with the cooperation some your colleagues in the eye care industry:

Palmscan VF2000: Dr. Donna Shotwell

Upgrading her visual field testing capabilities with the VF2000 allowed Dr. Shotwell to operate her practice more efficiently, increasing patient flow while also creating a better experience for her patients…

Palmscan VF2000: Dr. Donna Shotwell

Icare DRSplus Retinal Imaging: Dr. Scott Gartner

Struggling to get high-quality retinal images on a unique patient base, Dr. Gartner tried several different devices. The DRSplus stood alone, able to produce crystal-clear images, even through pupils as small as 1.5 mm…

Icare DRSplus Retinal Imaging

Huvitz HDR Digital Phoropter: Dr. Giannie Castellanos

With an investment in a digital phoropter for her practice, Dr. Castellanos immediately began to see the benefits being able to perform accurate refractions that reduced strain on her body and left her patients impressed…

Huvitz HDR Digital Phoropter

Huvitz Refraction Equipment: Dr. Peter Santisi

The choice to outfit his practice with cutting-edge Huvitz technology paid dividends for Dr. Santisi.  He benefitted from saving time and adding a layer versatility to his practice that only comes from having access to the latest equipment…

Huvitz Refraction Equipment

Triad Clarity Amniotic Membranes: Dr. Donna Shotwell

When Dr. Shotwell made the choice to switch to Triad Clarity Amniotic Membranes, she instantly found it a better way to provide improved outcomes and a more comfortable experience for her patients…

Triad Clarity Amniotic Membranes

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