How the VF2000 Focus
is Changing Visual Field Testing

The VF2000 Focus Visual Field Analyzer is the eye care industry’s new gold standard in visual field testing thanks to its diagnostic accuracy, portability, and affordability — but you don’t have to take my word for it. Countless doctors have discovered firsthand the VF2000 Focus’s ability to transform their practice, one of whom is Donna L. Shotwell, O.D.

Read on to learn more about how this new tool has changed how Dr. Shotwell performs perimetry testing in her practice.

Meet Dr. Shotwell

Since 2001, Dr. Shotwell has provided high-quality optometric services to patients in the Sarasota area. Like so many other practitioners, Dr. Shotwell is driven to provide her patients with the very best possible care so that they can enjoy clear, healthy eyesight for the rest of their lives. It’s this commitment to quality care that motivates her to use the most advanced, state-of-the-art diagnostic and screening tools.

How the VF2000 Focus Has Revolutionized Dr. Shotwell’s Practice

According to Dr. Shotwell, the VF2000 Focus has prompted four key changes in her practice.

  1. Increased Mobility

    “The biggest difference between the VF2000 Focus and other visual field analyzers is the mobility of the instrument and being able to use it in any room, versus one specific designated area,” Dr. Shotwell says enthusiastically.

    The VF2000 Focus is fully portable and battery-operated, meaning that it can be used throughout your practice and can even be used remotely to perform perimetry testing on patients in hospitals or nursing facilities.

    Dr. Shotwell also appreciates the simplicity of the VF2000 Focus: “Preparation is a lot easier”.

    Unlike conventional visual field testing technology, the VF2000 Focus doesn’t require intensive training and is easy to operate. It even provides you with an automated statistical trend analysis and alerts you to defects in a patient’s vision after their exam.

  2. More Comprehensive Testing

    While Dr. Shotwell enjoys the simplicity and portability of the VF2000 Focus, she also loves how these advances in ease-of-use don’t come with a drop in functionality: “There’s no test you can’t do: you can do the 24-2, you can do the 10-2, you can check blue-yellow, you can do macular degeneration screenings. You can do everything with this small, little piece of equipment.” The VF2000 Focus even incorporates neurological testing for patients that might have suffered a fall or minor traffic accident, and even has the binocular Esterman test for renewing a driver’s license!

    These are only a few of the many tests that can be performed with the VF2000 Focus.

  3. Cost-Effective Care

    In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, Dr. Shotwell finds that the VF2000 Focus is a practical, cost-effective investment for doctors, especially considering its compliance with ADA regulations.

    “Cost-wise for doctors,” she says, “the mobility [of the VF2000] and getting ADA money back makes this a wonderful product to bring into the practice.”

    The VF2000 Focus costs a fraction of what bulky, traditional visual field analyzers cost, without sacrificing advanced disease management. The affordability plus the ability to earn extra revenue makes the VF2000 Focus one of the most cost-effective visual field analyzers on the market.

  4. Improved Patient Welfare

    Above all else, Dr. Shotwell has noticed that the welfare and satisfaction of her patients has improved markedly since adopting the VF2000 Focus.

    “It can be stressful for patients to do a test because they know they’re being tested for some type of disease, whether it’s glaucoma, a neurological disease, or maybe even a brain tumor,” claims Dr. Shotwell. “So, to set the patients at ease a little bit, so that they can just sit back and relax, has made a really great improvement in patient welfare.”

    Unlike traditional visual field analyzers, the VF2000 Focus doesn’t require a dedicated dark room, and is far more comfortable for patients to use. Dr. Shotwell sees this as a HUGE benefit for patients: “The patients are so stressed [with conventional VF testing] that they’re clicking the button like crazy, or they want to take more breaks. [The VF2000 Focus] just makes it much more comfortable for the patient.”

    “Patients think it’s the best when I tell them they don’t have to sit in that room with a dark bowl that you have to put your head up against, or lean forward and have your back hurt,” she says. “I tell them, ‘You can just sit here in the room and relax,’ and I think I get better results because of that.”

Why Work with David Keith?

Just as Dr. Shotwell enjoys using the VF2000 Focus, she realizes the benefits of working with David Keith: “David’s a great guy. He really takes care of us in the optometry industry.”

David Keith has over 30 years of experience working with technology, and 20 of those years have been dedicated to the eye care industry. He specializes in helping practitioners adopt technology that will improve their practices, their revenue, and their quality of care. When you work with David Keith, you can rest assured that you’re working with a professional who is motivated to help your practice succeed.