Zocular Is Transforming the Expectations and Outcomes for Dry Eye Patients

Providing instant relief while supporting lasting
recovery from ocular surface conditions.

The Zocular Story

There are many options on the market for dry eye and skin conditions, but there’s only one that was developed by an ophthalmologist specifically to provide relief for his own case of dry eye — when no other prescription or over-the-counter treatment option was helping. In his search for a safe, natural, and effective treatment for BOTH the symptoms AND underlying causes of dry eye, Dr. Peter Pham discovered that the natural healing properties of okra polysaccharides, when extracted and concentrated into his proprietary Zokrex™ formula, could safely be used to address the underlying cause of dry eye disease and provide immediate symptomatic relief for patients.

The Science Behind Treating Dry Eye Disease

This is the only solution that I’ve found to provide IMMEDIATE RELIEF from the discomfort of dry eye — it’s LIFE-CHANGING for your patients. The Zocular range of products are radically different from anything that has been on the market previously. Because it’s developed and derived from fresh okra, Zocular can be safely applied anywhere without the uncomfortable irritation associated with chemicals found in other products. The key to the Zokrex™ formula is the activated polysaccharides derived from the okra plant. Okra polysaccharides (or complex sugars) have been clinically shown in research studies to be effective in reducing the body’s inflammatory response by attacking the problem at the source. When applied to the eyelid and lash area, the okra compound can also effectively debride the skin of Demodex, a common cause of blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, and other ocular inflammation. In peer-reviewed studies, polysaccharides like those found in the Zokrex™ compound have been linked to a host of other benefits, including acute localized pain relief. The okra-based platform found in Zocular products is helpful for the following issues:

  • Blepharitis and dry eye
  • Demodex
  • Skin conditions related to dry eye such as rosacea and telangiectasia
  • Corneal erosions and abrasions
  • Acute stye or hordeolum
  • Conjunctivochalasis
  • Superior limbic keratitis
  • Dermatitis (Shingles, seborrheic, allergic, or traumatic)
  • Dry and damaged periorbital skin

Clinical Research

Zocular and other polysaccharide-rich compounds have been studied extensively. In fact, there are more clinical studies demonstrating the powerful inflammation reduction effects of polysaccharides than there are about anti-inflammatory steroids! Here’s just a sample of the research that backs Zocular and the Zokrex™ formula’s proven effectiveness.

Okra vs. Tea Tree Oil Claims that an okra-based compound could be just as effective as the existing standard in removing Demodex, tea tree oil, were put to the test in a study published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine. The conclusion states that “the okra eyelid patch effectively eradicated Demodex mites both in patients and in vitro and its application was associated with reduced ocular discomfort. The okra eyelid patch presented superior ocular tolerance was more comfortable to use than tea tree oil.”

Shachter Study In a small-scale clinical study for The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Scott Schachter, OD, performed an in-office procedure using the Zokrex™ formula on nine patients. Within two hours post-treatment, the average SPEED scores across the test population had been reduced from an average of 11.3 to an average of 0.7.

Narayan Clinical Trial In a key clinical trial performed by Dr. Narayan and his colleagues at the University of San Antonio School of Optometry, it was demonstrated that a single in-office ZEST treatment produced clinically significant improvement in both OBJECTIVE and SUBJECTIVE measures of ocular surface health. In brief, this study enrolled patients with moderate to severe dry eye based on OSDI, and at the conclusion of the 1-month study, it was shown that patients experienced a remarkable improvement in their dry eye as measured by OSDI, CLDEQ MMP-9 levels, and contact wear time. It can be postulated that the result would have been further enhanced by a maintenance at-home regimen using Zocular products.

Products to Treat a Full Range of Dry Eye Cases

With products for both acute symptomatic relief and long-term prevention and maintenance, the Zokrex™ system found in all Zocular products is available in a variety of safe, convenient, and comfortable application options to meet any patient need or symptom severity.

ZEST (Zocular Eyelid System Treatment)

The in-office Zocular Eyelid System Treatment (ZEST) procedure works by applying gentle exfoliation to debride eyelids and return them to a clean, natural baseline, opening up the meibomian glands and restoring healthy tear film status to reduce dry eye symptoms. In this procedure, the patient relaxes comfortably while the ZEST gel is applied to their eyelids. Similar to a deep-cleaning shampoo, the gel is worked into a lather and washed away after several minutes, leaving the eye clean and free of debris and unhealthy tartar-like residue. The ZEST treatment is so gentle that it requires no topical anesthetic. The ZEST procedure is an indispensable first-line option for any practice aiming to deliver prompt comfort and substantial clinical improvement in cases involving ocular surface or periorbital issues necessitating urgent attention due to pain, redness, or swelling — intervention with ZEST allows patients to leave happy and smiling, guaranteed. Additionally, the application of ZEST can effectively enhance postoperative outcomes by optimizing the lid margin prior to any ocular surgery, particularly in refractive surgery with premium IOLs. In such procedures, the stability of the tear film is crucial for obtaining accurate preoperative biometry readings, while maintaining optimal eyelid margin health becomes imperative for a successful postoperative recovery. The integration of the ZEST procedure with other in-office dry eye procedures such as IPL, radiofrequency, or LipiFlow can significantly improve their efficacy and subsequent clinical outcomes. Doctors who have used the ZEST procedure have also observed an immediate improvement in SPEED scores and higher patient satisfaction compared to those who have not utilized it.

Before and after Zocular treatment

Other At-Home Products

The Zocular at-home products are a great way to extend the effectiveness of the ZEST procedure (and any other in-office dry eye procedures you perform) and keep patients satisfied with their treatment outcomes.

  • Zocushield Syringe: Best first-line treatment in a gel form for moderate-severe cases of DED, applied in small amounts directly to the affected areas.
  • Zocufoam Eyelid Cleanser and Moisturizer: Contains the patented Zokrex™ compound in a travel-friendly foam that can be applied directly to the eyelid and the face.
  • Zocuwipe: Each ZocuWipe towelette is infused with soothing Zokrex™ solution that delivers activated okra polysaccharide complex to the eyelids to provide instant relief.

With Zocular, there is finally a viable model in eye care to match the process that has worked so well in dentistry: “deep cleaning” at the practice on regular intervals combined with daily maintenance to ensure the ongoing health of the eye!

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