DRS – Digital Retinography System
DRS is the easiest non-mydriatic, digital retinal imager in the market.

Thanks to its fully automated operation, DRS requires minimal operator training. Its compact, ergonomic design and low power flash help ensure patient comfort. DRS is conceived to maximize patients flow work and it is entirely operated through its intuitive touch-screen interface. It supports single -or multi- field acquisition protocols, providing seven different 45° fields. It can be used both for screening and diagnosis.

Benefits of DRS:

 True color, Red Free and infrared confocal images
 Super-high resolution and contrast
 Capability to image through cataract and media opacities
 Dilation-free operation (minimum pupil 2.5 mm)
 Wide Field imaging (60° in single exposure and up to 150° with Mosaic function)
 Optimal exposure of the optic disc
 Exam time less than 1’ per eye (single field)
 From Fully automated to Fully manual mode
 User friendly software interface

Eidon – True Color Confocal Scanner
The first True Color Confocal Scanner in the market

EIDON is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true color imaging, setting new performance standards in retinal imaging. EIDON provides unsurpassed image quality, 60° field in a single exposure, a unique, live, confocal view of the retina, three different imaging modalities and dilation-free operation, all integrated in a versatile system that provides new opportunities in retinal diagnostics.

The device is operated via a tablet with a multi-touch, high resolution, color display; it works with a dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit. A joystick is provided when manual operation of the device is desired.

Centervue Eidon

Benefits of the Eidon Platform:

• Extreme ease of use: patient auto-sensing, auto-alignment, auto-focus, auto flash adjustment, auto-capture
• Exam time less than one minute per eye
• High quality images
• Minimal training required
• Compact & clean design
• No additional PC required
• Touch-screen operation
• View images from any PC or tablet
• Internet-connected
• Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
• Cloud backup available
• Export to USB and remote folder (for import into EMR), DICOM, JPG, PDF

Eidon – True Color Confocal Scanner
The first True Color Confocal Scanner in the market

COMPASS is a scanning ophthalmoscope combined with an automatic perimeter that provides confocal images of the retina, as well as measurements of retinal threshold sensitivity, under non-mydriatic conditions.

Fundus Automated Perimetry

Fundus automated perimetry is a technique that images the retina during visual field testing, enabling a correlation to be made between visual function and retinal structure.1

Advantages of Fundus Automated Perimetry over Standard Automated Perimetry include the possibility to measure sensitivity at specific retinal locations, higher accuracy thanks to retinal-tracking based compensation of eye movements and the simultaneous assessment of function (expressed by retinal sensitivity) and structure (images of the ONH, of the RNFL and of the retina). Fundus Automated Perimetry provides a simultaneous, quantitative assessment of fixation characteristics.

Use of Fundus Automated Perimetry in the clinical management of glaucoma has been limited so far, as available systems were lacking compliance with the standards of automated perimetry. COMPASS overcomes such limitations and brings visual field analysis to the next level!

In particular COMPASS, for the first time, extends field coverage to 30° + 30° and employs luminance parameters and a sensitivity scale as used in standard automated perimetry.

Compass - Fundus Automated Perimetry
Fundus Automated Perimetry

Benefits of Compass:

 High-resolution TrueColor Confocal Imaging of the ONH, of the RNFL and of central retina
 Combined structure and function analysis
 High test – retest repeatability thanks to the Real Time Retinal Tracking, that actively compensates eye movements
 Reliable automated follow up with combined structure-function progression analysis
 Comprehensive printout
 Operator friendly: no trials lens required, automatic refractive correction
 More patient comfort: test can be suspended at any time without data loss
 From Fully automated to Fully manual mode
 User friendly software interface

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