I can unequivocally say the Eidon’s really the best thing I’ve ever bought. It just shows so much, it’s such good technology and the education for the patient… I’m a believer.

Todd Morgan, O.D.

Eye Center South

This patient has never had a visual field up until we got this machine in our office… we got a very good, reliable visual field so we felt confident in the stability of his glaucoma moving forward.

Mark Sevigny, O.D.

Sevigny Associates Eye Care

The service I get from David Keith is second to none.

Adam Clarin, O.D

Palmetto Bay | Coral Gables

We have been using the VF2000 for over a year now and we love it.

Jerome Hernandez, O.D.

Kendall Optical Center

One of the amazing things about he’s an OD-EYEPAC member… this is the guy you have to go to and get your equipment from.

Michelle Levin, O.D.

Chairperson of the FOA Board

One of my dream instruments that I’ve wanted for the last 5 years is an OCT… I’m so grateful that David Keith and his company helped me decide to go with Optovue because it’s really worked out great for my office.

Robert Prado, O.D.

Clarke’s Hunt Club Optical

One of the best things about working with David is that he takes personal responsibility when we need answers. He responds quickly and never takes the attitude of “that’s not my job”. We enjoy working with him and trust his judgment.

Jody Abrams, M.D.

Sarasota Retina Institute

David Keith has provided exemplary after sales service for my doctors and staff. He is patient and communicates clearly during the sales and training process. He has always delivered on his sales promises. You won’t find a more honest ophthalmic equipment supplier.

Morgan L Taylor III CPA, COE

Practice Administrator, Palm Beach Eye Clinic

I have had the pleasure to work with David to bring multiple technologies into my offices. I have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional, and effective. He has offered insight in problem solving and training to my staff on the technologies implemented. I look forward to working with him in the future and feel confident in recommending him.

Jesse Hicks, O.D.

Hicks Vision Care

David has been a key provider of technology at my practice for quite some time, including our most recent camera and also a new laser. He is honest, responsive, and always willing to help. David is a long-term player, we will continue to invest with him.

Farrell “Toby” Tyson, M.D.

Tyson Eye – Cape Coral, FL

David is one of our most trusted suppliers of technology. He has gone beyond the call of duty on several occasions to support us when we needed him, and he always seems to know the correct answers when we call with questions. For this reason, we continue to purchase products from him and will for years to come.

Brad Snead, M.D.

Snead Eye Group – Fort Myers, FL

David keeps in touch with my office continually and long after any sale. He was present when newly acquired equipment was set up and knows the devices he sells inside and out. He assisted with knowledge of procedure codes and diagnostic codes when reimbursement was appropriate for newly acquired equipment. I highly recommend David Keith Ophthalmic for your ophthalmic technology needs.

Monroe Benaim, M.D.

Florida Eye Group – Jupiter, FL

I have known David for several years, and he has always gone out of his way to provide the best possible support for our practice. He has even continued to provide support and professional advice for equipment we purchased years ago that he no longer represents… we know we can count on David Keith.

Keith Skolnick, M.D.

Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute

Over the years we have invested quite a lot in technology provided by David Keith, and we have never been disappointed. His ability to work with both doctors and staff in our practice has been very valuable as we integrated new processes into our busy workflow. In my experience David will only get involved with technology that builds my practice and adds value. I will continue to work with David and recommend that you give David the opportunity to show you how he can help enhance your practice of medicine.

Val Zudans, M.D.

Florida Eye Institute – Vero Beach, FL

Our practice has made several significant investments in technology from David Keith, and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of his products and especially his level of service over the years. David is a valuable resource, and he is always the first person I call when considering any new device!

Michelle Fleshner, COE, OCS

Practice Administrator – Brandon Eye Associates

David Keith excels because of his vast experience in all aspects of eye care and his wisdom to know how implementation of technology affects people. He is a powerful problem solver for doctors and a resource that I trust. I always look forward to doing business with him.

Nathan Bonilla-Warford, OD, FAAO, FCOVD

Tampa, FL

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