PalmScan VF2000
Visual Field Analyzer

The Industry’s Gold Standard in Visual Field Testing

Introducing the Future of Visual Field Testing

The PalmScan VF2000, by Micro Medical Devices (MMD), represents a new frontier of technological advancements that are transforming the eye care industry. Using leading edge wearable technology, the PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer is an easily portable headset that can often outperform bulky, expensive, traditional visual field testing systems.

Designed with patient comfort, practice efficiency, diagnostic accuracy, and practice revenue in mind, the PalmScan VF2000 is revolutionizing visual field testing.

Maximizing Patient Satisfaction and Practice Efficiency

It’s important to have technology in your practice that helps you maintain a high standard of care while also increasing the number of patients you can see on a daily basis. The PalmScan VF2000 has transformed the way many doctors and practice managers run their offices by bringing unmatched ease of use, compliance, and cost-effectiveness to a testing area previously limited by practice space.

PalmScan VF2000 Visual Field Analyzer in Florida

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Thanks to the portable nature of the VF2000, it can be used in a variety of settings, such as satellite offices, waiting rooms, and exam lanes, as well as off-site locations, like nursing facilities and hospitals.

Unlike other visual field testing technology, the VF2000 doesn’t require a separate, dark room to operate, giving practices with limited available space the ability to perform a wider range of visual field diagnostics without having to make significant changes. It’s quicker and easier to use, allowing you to perform more testing in less time, which in turn increases the efficiency and versatility of your practice.

The patients are so stressed [when they use the old visual field analyzer] that they’re clicking the button like crazy, or they want to take more breaks. [The VF2000] just makes it much more comfortable for the patient.

Dr. Donna Shotwell, O.D., P.A.

David Keith | Ophthalmic Technology - Florida

Dr. Donna Shotwell, O.D., P.A.

The patients are so stressed [when they use the old visual field analyzer] that they’re clicking the button like crazy, or they want to take more breaks. [The VF2000] just makes it much more comfortable for the patient.
David Keith | Ophthalmic Technology - Florida

Maintain a High Standard of Care

Unlike other equipment used for visual field testing, the VF2000 provides a comfortable experience and accurate results for every patient, including those who are elderly or disabled — populations who often struggle to remain in position using the traditional technology. This may lead these tests to be unreliable, a potential hazard when considering that elderly patients are at increased risk for glaucoma and other eye diseases.

This tool provides a 120-degree visual field assessment, providing a thorough 20-point screening in only 30 seconds per eye, and in a way that’s comfortable for patients. The VF2000 uses highly sensitive technology to deliver reliable results in a way that gives your practice more options for a larger group of patients.

Offer More Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Testing

The PalmScan VF2000 opens up reliable, high-quality visual field testing to more practices — this is due in part to the fact that it’s one of the most affordable technologies of its kind.

Even if you do have the space for the traditional visual field testing device, you may not want to make the investment it takes to acquire the technology — Humphrey HFA devices run at about $25,000. If you don’t have the space, your options are sub-optimal. Screening devices start at around $10,000, even given their diagnostic limitations.

I can provide you with access to the VF2000 for even less than that — versatility that rivals top-of-line-technology at a fraction of the cost. To learn more about the pricing of this innovative new tool, reach out to me directly.

Want to offer cutting-edge treatment to your patients?

Visual Field Testing Simplified

The PalmScan VF2000 is designed to provide your practice with a remarkably effective, yet greatly simplified, solution for visual field testing. The fully portable, battery-operated device records patient responses through a bluetooth clicker and is controlled by the tester with the included Android controller tablet.
With secure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, PDF print, and EMR exportability, and immediate web-based access, the PalmScan VF2000 easily communicates test results with the physician or technician performing the test. In addition, the built-in GHT algorithm alerts the practitioner to defects in the patient’s vision and provides physicians with an automated statistical trend analysis.

Utilizing the Latest in Visual Field Testing Technology

The PalmScan VF2000 utilizes the latest in ophthalmic technology, far surpassing the capabilities of many visual field analyzers. The PalmScan VF2000 has a wide range of features that will improve how you conduct visual field testing, including:

  • 120 degrees (+/- 60) field of view testing
  • Adjustable stimulus and background color
  • Automatic statistical trend analysis to assess the progression of defects
  • Full-threshold testing
  • Single intensity screening
  • Quantify deficit screening
  • Ptosis tests
  • Neurological tests
  • Robust selection of kinetic tests
  • Built-in patient training

In addition to the above tests and modalities, the PalmScan VF2000 also contains 12 diopters of refractive error adjustment, often eliminating the need for trial lenses, and configurable presets to speed up the testing process! Mean deviation progressions are graphed, which gives you and your staff the ability to quickly determine changes in a patient’s visual field.

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Isn’t it time to provide your practice — your patients, your staff, and yourself — with the latest technology in visual field testing? I’d like to learn more about the needs of your practice and help you determine if the VF2000 is right for you. Reach out at any time by calling (407) 934-0534 or schedule a meeting with me today!