DRSplus Fundus Imaging System

Retinal Imaging Optimized for Efficiency and Diagnostic Excellence

High-quality retinal imaging is an essential part of maintaining a high standard of patient care. While many of the top systems on the market provide quality images of the retina, they are often prohibitively expensive, need highly trained staff members to operate, or both. Many practices either don’t have these skilled operators or only have one or two, and when staff members are needed in two places at once, wait times increase. When practice efficiency is a concern, most traditional fundus cameras fall short.

For doctors and practice managers concerned with creating an efficient patient flow, excellent imaging technology is a necessity. The CENTERVUE DRSplus Confocal Fundus Imaging System provides rich, detailed retinal images (even through very small pupils) without the need for skilled operators, enabling doctors to provide accurate diagnoses more quickly.

The DRSplus Empowers Practice Efficiency

Optimize Patient Flow with User-Friendly Operation

Any staff member can easily learn to operate the fully automated DRSplus to acquire amazing retinal images, freeing up valuable time for practitioners whose skill sets are in high demand throughout your practice. This makes retinal imaging available to more practices, especially those that were previously unable to offer this testing due to a lack of time or operating knowledge. With one piece of technology, your practice becomes more versatile, improves its value to customers, and has enormous potential to increase revenue.

How DRSplus Empowers Practice Efficiency

Reduce the Need for Time-Consuming Dilation

The precision and accuracy of the DRSplus technology allow it to acquire exceptionally accurate images for those with pupils as small as 2.5 mm (or even less). This eliminates the need to subject those with smaller pupils, such as the elderly, to dilating eye drops and dark environments.

Maximize Your Practice’s Space & Resources

This sleek, compact system doesn’t require a dedicated computer, making it a space-saving technology that’s a breeze to use anywhere. Made possible by browser-based, remote viewing capabilities, test results can be viewed from any networked computer or tablet, making it easy to review the detailed scans in any room of your practice.

Take Exceptional Retinal Images for Improved Care

TrueColor Confocal Technology of DRSplus

Clear Images Even in Difficult Eyes

Using confocal imaging, the DRSplus reduces scattered and reflected light outside of the focal plane, which provides more detail-rich images in every eye. Unlike many traditional cameras, the DRSplus can “see” through most opacities in the eye using its TrueColor confocal technology, including cataracts, hazy corneas, and scarring. This makes imaging easier and more available to a sizeable group of patients that would have been much more challenging with other technologies.

Clear, Rich, Vivid Image Quality

The DRSplus utilizes a white LED light source that includes the entire visible spectrum. It illuminates the retina with great clarity, allowing the DRSplus to capture TrueColor images with greater sharpness, optical resolution, and contrast. The mosaic functionality automatically combines retinal fields to create panoramic views, without any additional input needed from the operator.

In addition to TrueColor, the DRSplus can provide images with different light filtering, giving you the ability to see different areas and layers of the retina in greater detail. Plus, its external imaging capability means that you can take photographs of the cornea to document the existence or progression of conditions on and around the front of the eye.

Cost-Effective Retinal Imaging

No other automated fundus cameras come close to the DRSplus when it comes to image quality. Non-automated cameras can take high-quality images, but they still require careful operation by a skilled staff member and can cost upwards of $60,000.

The devices from Icare-Centervue are the most cost-effective retinal imaging technologies in the industry. They provide you with the high-quality images you need to best diagnose and identify the smallest retinal issues, greatly improving your practice’s standard of care while providing an exceptional return on your investment. To learn more about my competitive pricing for the DRSplus, reach out to me for a quote today.

The Most Cost-Effective Retinal Imaging Technology

Features of the DRSplus

The DRSplus has improved upon traditional retinal imagery testing thanks to its utilization of cutting-edge technology and built-in versatility.

The DRSplus features:

  • -15D to +15D of autofocus adjustment
  • TrueColor, Red-Free, Stereo (3D), and Mosaic imaging modalities
  • Built-in full-color touchscreen display
  • External/Anterior imaging capabilities
  • Confocal technology that allows imaging through small pupils (2.5mm or even less)
  • Internal automatic fixation targets
  • Built-in computer, with network and electronic health record connectivity

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