How the DRSplus Supports
the Needs of Doctors in
Any Practice Setting

Since the moment it emerged on the market, doctors have raved about the Icare DRSplus.  As a fully-automated fundus imaging system capable of capturing high-quality images in full-color without the need to dilate, even from patients with small pupils — the DRSplus has made the lives of countless doctors and technicians easier.

And, because it’s easy to use and compact enough to integrate into any space, the DRSplus can make any office more efficient, from small private practices to those in a commercial eye care environment.

To illustrate, I talked to four doctors operating out of different types of practices about why they chose the DRSplus and their experience with it since adoption.

Dr. Erik Buckley, OD, Wal-Mart Vision Center

Success in the Commercial Environment

Erik Buckley, OD, Wal-Mart Vision Center

As a holder of multiple Wal-Mart Vision Center leases, when Dr. Buckley was looking for a new fundus camera, one of his main considerations was the ability to transport it between locations.  “I needed something that was high-quality, but also that I could take from office to office to scan patients,” he says.

He looked at other options, but when he saw the DRSplus, he knew it was everything he had been looking for — easy to use and easy to transport.  Optometrists practicing in commercial settings often have to overcome the challenge of having limited space for their testing equipment, and the DRSplus works well in that setting as it needs no extra computer sitting next to it.

Dr. Buckley says that this technology integrates seamlessly into the available space and the speed of the DRSplus operation makes it the ideal tool for a practitioner like him: “Acquiring the images within the time I have available — it’s amazing.  It’s fast, and I get a good photo on just about anyone.”

Dr. Ken Tesinsky, OD, Avalon Park Eye Care

Optimizing the Workflow of a Private Practice

Ken Tesinsky, OD, Avalon Park Eye Care

Dr. Tesinsky reports that after years of using a traditional fundus camera, the fully-automated DRSplus “transformed his practice workflow.”

When asked why he chose the DRSplus over other options, he says the ability to get high-quality images on nearly any patient without dilation was a major selling point, but the biggest draw was the automation.

“Before, you had to set everything up, and it was a very manual process.  Now it does everything for us and makes imaging fast and easy.”

Dr. Sandy Kaufman, OD, MyEyeDr

Keeping Up with the High-Volume Corporate Practitioner

Sandy Kaufman, OD, MyEyeDr

As Dr. Sandy Kaufman of MyEyeDr. puts it, the DRSplus is a “no-brainer” for anyone with a diverse, high-volume patient population.

When his previous camera stopped working, he chose the DRSplus to replace it, a decision that paid off immediately: “The day we installed it, we had a patient scheduled who was literally 100 years old — we got great images and we didn’t have to dilate to get them…”

Dr. Kaufman says that the improvement in image quality — even among patients with moderate-to-dense cataracts — has been huge.  In his words: “My old camera was pretty good, but the picture with the DRSplus is incredible.  The clarity is unmatched.”

He also highlights the impact that this tool has made on the efficiency of his practice. “I don’t have to put it in a dark room; I can put it anywhere in my practice. My tech does the imaging and it’s easy to learn and easy to teach.”

Dr. Farrell (Toby) Tyson, MD, FACS, Tyson Eye

The Ideal Tool for Any Practice

Farrell (Toby) Tyson, MD, FACS, Tyson Eye

Dr. Tyson is a world-renowned surgeon, so he places enormous value on a device capable of providing rich, full-color images with the push of a button. “Other manufacturers overengineer,” he says. “The DRSplus is fast to use, easy for my staff to run, and reasonably priced.”

Dr. Tyson refers to the DRSplus as a “frontline device” in his practice, because he can use it to quickly identify whether or not his patients will need further assessment quickly using this tool: “We needed something that could go to a small pupil vs a typical camera set up — you just can’t get through these small pupils very well with anything else.”

Man having DRSplus test

Why the DRSplus Is Such a Great Investment

While Dr. Kaufman, Dr. Tesinsky, Dr. Tyson and Dr. Buckley work in different environments, all four can agree on the value that they’ve gotten from adopting the DRSplus.

According to Dr. Kaufman, the quality of DRSplus speaks for itself from an economic perspective. “Comparing two cameras? Cost, service agreements, maintenance — the DRSplus beats them all as far as I’m concerned.”

Dr. Buckley chimes in to point out one of the indirect ways a tool like the DRSplus can drive additional revenue to a practice, outside of improving efficiency and patient flow: “Plus, patients like the ‘WOW factor’ of new technology.  We have patients we use the camera on and they want to go home and tell everyone how impressed they were.”

What the DRSplus Can Do

The DRSplus has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to produce clear, full-color images in rich, vivid detail. Check out the upgrade in image quality the DRSplus can provide when you start using it!

CENTERVUE DRSplus Eye scan test result
CENTERVUE DRSplus eye scan
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