CellChek®️️ 20 by Konan Medical

Enabling you to access comprehensive analysis of
endothelial tissue health with a single touch.

CellChek®️️ 20 by Konan Medical
Cell Check Specular Microscope

The Gold Standard, Redefined

Konan Medical’s specular microscopes are the global gold standard for the precise assessment of the most critical layer of the cornea — the endothelium. Some cells, such as epithelial cells, regenerate after injury, whereas others, like endothelial cells, are lost forever if they are destroyed by trauma or disease. Having the ability to perform endothelial cell counts through non-invasive imaging helps doctors diagnose pathology, accurately monitor endothelial disease, and aid in surgical co-management.
Konan Medical has been the name doctors trust for specular microscopy for decades, and the CellChek 20 is the latest amazing evolution in this area. This next-generation specular microscope sets a new bar for high-quality corneal endothelial imaging and analytics, allowing doctors to provide quicker, more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

CellChek 20 offers a new level of convenience for clinicians, providing all the necessary parameters to access the health of the corneal endothelium, including cornea thickness, cell size and shape, and the location of where the image was taken.

The device’s benefits include:

  • One-Touch Imaging: Fast, one-touch imaging of both eyes, including positioning, alignment, imaging capture, analysis, and print-out/exporting data.
  • Optimized Touch Functions: Easy touch-friendly interface makes capturing, analysis, and reporting fast and efficient. Also features pinch-to-zoom image adjustment.
  • Automated Trends Analysis: Konan exclusive image location enables relevant visit-to-visit trend analysis to track patient progression.
  • Superior Image Clarity: A 25% higher resolution allows better visualization of single cells and cell walls. Superb cell border tracing and gutta exclusion.
  • Auto-Capture/Retry: This improved technology allows for successful imaging of difficult or challenging cases.
  • 30% Larger Image Area: The field of view has been increased, enabling better corneal visualization and more cells to be analyzed.

Faster, Easier Endothelial Imaging

By implementing CellChek 20 into your practice, you can:

  • Identify low endothelial cell counts and pre-existing dystrophies that can significantly reduce the potential for positive surgical outcomes.
  • Screen for corneal problems such as Fuchs’ Dystrophy, keratoconus, and other corneal dystrophies earlier with 40x higher magnification than a slit lamp.
  • Automate trusted Konan Medical features like Center Method™ and the Flex Center Method™ to confirm recommended cell density/morphology for scleral/specialty contact lenses.
CellChek 20 Endothelial Imaging

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CellCheck Imaging

Dr. Terry

"We utilize the Konan specular microscope after all of our DSAEK surgery. The information that the specular microscope provides is valuable for assessing the long term effects of the surgical trauma of the procedure, and specular microscopy is critical to understanding your personal outcomes with DSAEK." - Dr. Terry

Dr. Coble

"The Konan Specular Microscope is very tech friendly. It is easy to use and the information is outstanding. Managing corneal dystrophies and predicting outcomes, such as when to perform a DSEK procedure, has been very advantageous in the care of my patients. The ability to explain subtle visual acuity decrease has helped reduce patient anxiety. The Specular Microscope is well worth the money." - Dr. Coble

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