The Huvitz HDR Digital

Improving the Way You Perform
Refractions in Your Office

Most optometrists learn and train on a manual phoropter. This means that when they start their own practice or make purchasing decisions for a new exam lane, a manual device seems like the natural solution.

But there are constantly new developments in eye care technology, and now more than ever, doctors are turning to digital phoropters to make their (and their patients’) lives easier.

Introducing the Huvitz HDR Digital Refractor

If you’re like most eye doctors, you do more refractions in your office than just about anything else.  When you think about how much total time you spend using the phoropter, it just makes sense to invest in the latest technology available to reduce the repetitive stress on your body and improve the quality of the experience for your patients.

The Huvitz HDR-9000 stands out as a leader among the newest generation of digital refraction equipment.  It’s sleek, reliable, and affordable, engineered by trusted technology companies (Huvitz was originally a joint-venture between LG and Samsung), and is specifically designed to eliminate many of the common challenges of manual refractions.

HDR-9000 Eye Exam
An Improved Experience for You

When you start with a Huvitz digital refraction system, you’ll notice the difference immediately.  Now, you can sit down anywhere in the exam room during a refraction, reducing or eliminating discomfort in your neck, back, and shoulders at the end of the day.

Hear from a doctor in the Miami area about how the HDR has improved her experience as a practitioner.

This also allows you to increase the distance between you and your patients as you perform a critical part of your exam, and as COVID-19 has shown us, is critically important.

Better Results for Your Patients

Your patients will be impressed by modern technology in your office, which is increasingly important as a way to differentiate your practice.  You’ll also deliver the most precise vision prescription possible, and you can instantly toggle between the previous Rx and your new findings, allowing you to fine tune a patient’s prescription to their preferences with virtually no margin for error.  This tends to increase optical revenue!

Increased Efficiency and Patient Flow

Because the HDR requires no manual operation, you can typically reduce the amount of time refracting compared to a conventional phoropter.  The technology integrates directly with your electronic health records system, cutting down on human error from manual entry and reduces the amount of time you spend typing information into the record.

Advance Your Practice with a Huvitz HDR Device

The Huvitz HDR-9000 is truly an excellent device.  With sleek design, high-quality engineering, and a range of benefits for you and your patients, this device can provide immediate value when you invest in one for your practice.

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