Huvitz HRK-9000 Autorefractor / Keratometer

HRK-9000 Autorefractor/Keratometer
Huvitz HRK-9000

Reliable Technology that Adds Versatility to Your Practice

With the amount of specialized technology on the market today, you’ve never had more options at your fingertips than you do today. That means versatility and value are important — how can you do more with fewer pieces of equipment and stay under budget?

The Huvitz HRK-9000 represents a step in this direction. It’s an extremely precise autorefractor / keratometer that also comes equipped with the tools necessary to provide better dry eye management and treatment in your practice.

The device’s benefits include:

  • More Accurate Wavefront Technology: Wavefront technology produces better information about a patient’s vision quality. It also helps you quickly know whether your patient’s vision will be easily corrected with spectacle lenses.
  • Fast, Reliable Operation: Huvitz HRK devices are known for their speed of operation. The HRK-9000 adds automated positioning and eye tracking for more reliable results, even from new or inexperienced staff members.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: You don’t need a complex nest of wires running through your office to connect Huvitz refraction systems to autorefactors and lensometers – they use your existing office Wi-Fi to communicate with each other. Of course, if you don’t have Wi-Fi in your office, cable connections are still an option.

Helpful Meibography & TBUT Features

While the HRK-9000 can easily be integrated into an exam lane as the most reliable autorefractor / keratometer in the practice, what makes it stand out is features aimed at giving you more tools to assess dry eye cases.

With Meibography and Tear Break Up Time (TBUT) features, you can review a patient’s tear film, the function of their meibomian glands, and a combined assessment of tear quality, making it easier to guide dry eye treatment that effectively targets the underlying causes of the condition.

Previously, these tools were only available as part of a separate — often cost-prohibitive — dry eye workstation, but they come standard with the HRK-9000.

HRK-9000 Meibography and TBUT Features

The HRK-1

For doctors who are still in early stages of building or expanding their practice, I highly recommend the Huvitz HRK-1 as an extremely reliable autorefractor / keratometer.

If you look at all these amazing features and decide that maybe you need something smaller or streamlined, the HRK-1 is a high-quality, affordable alternative.

To learn more about the HRK series and the ways Huvitz products can help you improve operations in your practice, give me a call today at (407) 934-0534 or schedule an appointment to talk.

Huvits HRK-1

Dr. Castellanos

We use the HRK-9000 on pretty much every patient we test, in every comprehensive exam

Dr. Castellanos

David Keith | Ophthalmic Technology - Florida

Dr. Castellanos

We use the HRK-9000 on pretty much every patient we test, in every comprehensive exam
David Keith | Ophthalmic Technology - Florida

Interested in learning more about how the Huvitz HRK-9000 can improve your diagnostic quality and practice efficiency? Reach out to me any time and we can discuss if the Huvitz HRK-9000 is the right solution for your practice. Call me at (407) 934-0534 or schedule a meeting with me here: