iTrace Visual Analysis by Tracey Technologies: Increasing Your Standard of Patient Care

What Is the iTrace?

The iTrace is a unique ophthalmic diagnostic tool that uses proprietary ray-tracing technology to provide an objective simulation of a patient’s eyesight, separating visual performance between the cornea and the lens. This provides a better — and more complete — picture of how your patients see the world, enabling you to find the solution that best meets their needs.

Complete Information Means Complete Care

When you have better information at your disposal, you’ll be better equipped to treat patients. You’ll be able to better assess whether they’re a candidate for refractive or cataract surgery. You’ll be able to show them the value of upgrading to toric and multifocal options for lens replacement procedures. You’ll even be able to achieve better outcomes when selecting and positioning a toric lens in a patient’s eye.

Here’s how the iTrace can improve patient diagnosis and treatment.

Objectively Assess Visual Performance

The iTrace is a 5-in-1 device that combines corneal topography, pupillometry, keratometry, autorefraction, and diagnostic aberrometry, but it’s so much more than the sum of its parts. It uses an objective metric, the Dysfunctional Lens Index, or DLI, to aggregate the distortions impacting a patient’s vision, and can separate aberrations between the cornea and the lens. Because the iTrace gives doctors the full story about their patients’ optical system, there will rarely, if ever, be a time where the source of a patient’s visual complaint is not able to be identified.

By isolating the corneal and lenticular vision, doctors can see exactly where the problem lies before suggesting a corrective procedure. For example, many practitioners use the iTrace to triage between a refractive or cataract recommendation (or to know when a combination of the two approaches is necessary).

Increase Premium Cataract Surgery Capture

There are always going to be patients who don’t see the value of premium lens replacement. The iTrace enables doctors to provide a literal representation of a patient’s vision, helping them see the difference between a standard IOL and a toric or multifocal lens.

Using a direct representation of a patient’s own vision using the instantly-recognizable Snellen “E”, the iTrace shows patients what their vision could be after surgery if they choose a toric lens compared to a standard monofocal IOL. Because it actually lets the patient see the improvement, the iTrace is a proven part of a successful premium cataract capture strategy.

Premium Cataract Surgery Capture

Perform Precise Insertion of Toric IOLs

When a patient does select a toric IOL as part of their lens replacement, the iTrace has tools to ensure the most precise insertion possible. The proprietary Toric Planner tool uses an image of the patient’s eye and overlays the optimal angle of insertion, adding precision to the surgical planning.

The iTrace is also extremely useful in post-surgical follow-up. The iTrace’s “Toric Check” feature can be used without dilation, allowing a surgeon to verify the proper placement of a toric lens quickly. If the lens is off-axis for any reason, and the patient is reporting vision difficulties because of it, the Toric Check will suggest a precise rotation of the lens, displaying the expected improved result in diopters associated with the necessary rotation.

No Need for Replacement

Doctors love the fact that once you have an iTrace, you’ll never need to replace it. Tracey Technologies is committed to regularly updating and improving the software in a way that it can be seamlessly updated on the existing machine, unlike competing technology, where hardware has to be replaced in order to upgrade the operating system.

There’s never a bad time to adopt a tool that gets better information about your patients and empowers you to use it for their benefit — call 407-205-7334 or click here to learn more today!

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