RETeval® by Konan Medical

Empowering earlier detection AND better treatment for a range of eye diseases…

Electroretinography (ERG) is technology that allows doctors to get better information — earlier than ever.  While other methods of assessing the structures in the back of the eye can help analyze objective structural changes or subjective functional loss, ERG enables a clear AND OBJECTIVE view of retinal function, where developing eye diseases present themselves earlier.

As a result, ERG provides the information needed to detect severe eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and more — before observable vision loss occurs.

RETeveal handheld ERG device
Woman undergoing ERG test using RETeval handheld device

The RETeval: The First Handheld ERG on the Market

In the past, ERG devices were bulky, took up significant practice space, and testing was invasive and uncomfortable for patients.  The RETeval, from Konan Medical, changes that.

It’s the industry’s first FDA Cleared handheld ERG device.  It’s extremely affordable compared to other ERG technology and is able to be used anywhere in your practice, putting the trusted power of ERG testing in the palm of your hand.

Efficient, Reliable Diagnostics

Despite the RETeval’s convenient portable design, you won’t have to compromise on ease of use and repeatability of results.  It’s non-mydriatic, giving you the option to use with or without dilation and can be used with adult and pediatric patients.  The device operates on a long-lasting rechargeable battery (test all day long) and provides reliable, repeatable results.


Versatile Application

The RETeval is equipped with multiple flash and flicker protocols, making it easy to zero in on the earliest signs of potentially vision-threatening eye diseases.  You can view test results on the device’s screen or print a PDF of the results in your practice.  All test results are compared with an age-matched, normative database, making them easy to interpret, and use of the device is billable with CPT codes 92273 and 95930.


Enhanced Patient Care

What does adopting the RETeval mean for your practice?

Better evaluation of treatment outcomes: Especially when used to complement other tests like OCT and retinal imaging, ERG can provide insight that leads to earlier detection and more effective treatment for a range of eye diseases.

More satisfied patients: Patients want to feel confident that their doctors have all the tools possible to help them maintain their quality of vision and life.  With a flexible device that can be used anywhere in or outside of the practice and comfortable, non-invasive operation, the RETeval enables you to provide a higher standard of care to your patients.


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